The Holy Family Scrip Program which began in 1992 annually raises about $20,000 for the school without costing families any “out of pocket” expenses.  There are three easy ways to participate in the Scrip Program.

First, Holy Family purchases Land’s End Scrip directly from the company.  It is resold dollar for dollar to school families.  It is available from the school office and in the Parish Center.  Land’s End Scrip can be used to purchase uniforms and all Land’s End products purchased from all of their catalogs by mail, phone or Internet.  The return on Land’s End Scrip is 15%.

Second, Holy Family participates in the Tigard Scrip Center.  This is an ordering system that is available during the school year and allows families to order gift cards or certificates from grocery, clothing and specialty stores plus great area restaurants.  Order forms are available in the Wednesday Word, in the school entryway and at the Parish Center. Orders are currently taken twice a month.  Scrip gift cards are wonderful for all gift giving occasions throughout the year.

Third, Safeway, Albertson’s and Office Depot have incentive programs that allow families to register Holy Family as the recipient of the benefit offered.   Each business handles the program a little bit differently, yet the result is the same.  Holy Family receives quarterly checks to benefit our school.

The Holy Family Scrip program is a user-friendly system.  We encourage everyone to continue to use Scrip all year long and invite family and friends to use Scrip, too.  School families with students in grades K-8 have a Scrip purchase requirement of $2000 per fiscal year, from July 1st through June 30.  There is an option to “buy out” of your requirement by paying $100 in additional tuition.  You are, however, encouraged to use Scrip because most families easily exceed the required purchase, especially when you use Scrip for all of your Fred Meyer and Land’s End purchasing in addition to your grocery shopping and gift giving.

Your support of the Scrip Program is vitally important in our efforts to provide the best Catholic Education for your children.  If we can answer any questions or help make your use of the Scrip Program any easier, please let us know.  Please encourage family and friends to use Scrip too.  This is a fundraising program that doesn’t cost you a dime.  Get in the Scrip habit! 

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