• Believe ... In Holy Family is April 24th
    • PBIS News
      Congratulations to all of the winners at the February PBIS Assembly:
      Good job to the following individual winners:
      Spencer A, Isabella J, Caitlin P, Milan S.

      Holy Family faculty and staff appreciate the hard work of all of our students as they  continue to demonstrate how to be Safe, Respectful and Responsible.
      Way to go!

      Congratulations to grade 6 on winning the Sparkling Dust Pan award.
      The Hallway Angel award went to Kindergarten (for the second time) and the PE Sportsmanship award was earned by Grade 2.  The individual PE award went to Tanner Ahmann! 

      Great job everyone!
    • Now Enrolling for Fall 2014-2015

      Nestled into one of Portland's classic old neighborhoods in Eastmoreland, Holy Family Catholic School is one of the premier Catholic schools in the Portland Archdiocese. A faith community of students, staff, parents and parishioners, devoted to the spiritual and academic education of our children.
      Please remember to send back your Registration forms and fees.
    • SLE Prayer
      Dear God,
      Help us to be a Faith-filled Learner by learning your teachings, praying with our community, and helping and respecting your creations.
      Lead us to be a responsible decision maker by helping us to understand the difference between right and wrong, guiding us to make safe, respectful and responsible decisions, and help us to take responsibility for our actions.
      Show us how to be a self-aware and engaged learner by helping us to show our excellence to the best of our ability, by leading us to use our gifts and learn from our faults, and let us find ways around our problems.
                      Help us to be Christ-like. Amen
      By Jack G, Jack A, Katie H
    • Calendar
    • Inclement Weather Information
      Please note that when school is delayed on a Wednesday we go by our regular Wednesday start time of 9:15 a.m.  which means if school is delayed two hours, our start time will be 11:15 a.m.  If there is a late start on Wednesday then there will be no extended care in the morning as stated in the Extended Care Handbook.  If there is an emergency early release, extended care will also be canceled for that day. 

      Inclement weather is just around the corner.  Please remember that we go by Portland Public Schools decision.  If Portland is closed then Holy Family Catholic School is closed.  On rare occasions,  Portland has decided to remain open and we have called a snow day if the Principal determines it is necessary for the safety of staff and students (or as happened last year, they had a scheduled day off when we were in session).  It is recommended you sign up for PPS and the Private School section in Flash Alert and Twitter if you have it, just to make sure that you get all of the information in case of school closure or when emergency situations such as power outages or early dismissal arise. Please note: Sometimes only certain schools are closed due to snow in the upper elevations.  Be sure to read the whole ticker at the bottom of the tv screen.  Sometimes just the west side schools are closed.  When all schools in Portland are closed or just the east side, then we are closed.